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When I first met Serge two years ago, I had been constantly losing my voice out of strain for months. Singing had become painful and discouraging, and I wasn’t making any progress as a vocalist. From my very first lesson with him, I could tell Serge was deeply passionate about and dedicated to his craft and the art of bel canto. Over the following months, he expertly broke down bel canto technique for me, making tangible the highly internal process of producing a well-supported, resonant, and beautiful sound. And now, two years later, I consistently find him to be a truly gifted teacher with great intuition for responding to each student’s individual growth. He is kind, positive, and gracious while still challenging us to reach our full potential as vocalists. Friends and family have been stunned at my progress so far, and I have found Serge’s lessons echo beyond my singing into the rest of my life. My whole relationship to my voice (and the fascinating internal systems that support it) has changed. Instead of pain and discouragement, singing now brings a deep catharsis and new artistic freedom. I highly recommend Serge to any singer looking for the same. 

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