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Top Notch Voice Training in Toronto

for beginners and advanced.


If you are a professional singer or a total beginner, this technique will help you achieve outstanding results.


Opera singer with international experience and accomplished vocal tutor (B.A, M.A) specializing in classical Bel Canto technique is offering lessons to people who want to:

• Discover and develop your natural voice, getting perfect voice placement and outstanding results.

• Learn proper breath control and get to know how to support your voice from the instrument of the body (using proper abdomen muscles, lowest position of diaphragm, tip of diaphragm, intercostal muscles, etc.)

Learn to avoid an overload of the vocal folds with too much air and how to breathe with lowest part of the lungs.

• Find the appropriate positions of your throat (larynx), tongue, uvula and learn how to get maximum relaxation of your jaw.

• If you want to achieve more powerful sound, increase your vocal range, improve your high pitches as well as get stable vibrato and smoothness of all voice registers.

• Learn about "Inhalare la Voce" (inhalation of the voice) and "mask of the face" (the bones resonance and voice focusing).

This is a very natural and healthy way of singing, where the voice doesn't get tired but gets stronger and you feel complete relaxation of your vocal track.


Your supportive abdomen muscles may get tired for a while, but never your voice or your throat. Using this technique you won't be able to get nodes or any vocal damage.

With this technique, everyone is capable of producing technically proper sound and achieving amazing improvement. Not only for operatic or classical vocal music, this technique is great for all styles of singing:  rock, pop and jazz singers and even for actors who want to improve their speech projection or their vocal abilities.


Total beginners are very welcome!!


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